Bringing joy to little ones

CAS ladies were requested to bring about festive spirit to the many children at the “Child at Street 11”, a childcare centre (a multi-racial, secular, independent, non-profit organization dedicated to helping low-income and dysfunctional families) run by our 2018 Silent Hero Award winner, Mdm Nirmala. Our members volunteered to visit the centre on a weekday to paint henna motifs on the children and staff (Monday, 12 Nov 2018). Bringing joy to the little ones, was a blessing.

Grocery distribution to needy

CAS distributed goodie bags and NTUC vouchers to needy families at Taman Jurong. This initiative was graced by former Deputy Prime Minister Mr Tharman and his wife. Approximately 450 residents benefitted from this distribution and they also had an opportunity to mingle with their fellow neighbours.

Blood Donation Drive

Blood donors bring a ray of hope to those in need of blood. CAS held it’s Blood Donation drive at Hillview CC where residence and members donated blood. The event turnout was great with close to 50 successful donors.

Happy Family Day

Family Day gives members and their children a chance to celebrate the meaning of being a family. Fun activities and shows are incorporated for this event so that families are able to spend quality time interacting with each other. CAS has been organising Happy Family Day for the past 12 years and it’s an event that members of CAS as well as public look forward to being part of.