Our History

Formerly known as Hillview Civilians Sports Club, the now Civilians Association of Singapore (CAS) was founded in 1964 by a group of like – minded footballers in a countryside surrounding. The Club was very active in soccer and very closely associated with the residents of PWD quarters as well as the neighbouring kampung at Dairy Farm Road. The Club was officially registered with ROS in 1972.

The formation of the Club has somewhat restrained the neighbourhood youngsters in the early years, from getting involved in drugs, gangsterism or any other social ills.

Apart from sports, social and recreational programs, CAS has transformed itself to cater more towards family bonding, youth development, charity and community activities. It also functions as a great platform for networking and as a good support group.

CAS was renamed in 2018 to better reflect its current objectives and has officially been registered as a Charity under the Charities Act of Singapore with effect from 29th March 2019.

The next era belongs to our youth, our children. Through the activities of the Club, we can involve our spouses and children in more meaningful endeavours that will enrich them and help enhance their standing in society. Basically developing good citizens who can further reach out to a bigger spectrum in our nation and eventually the world.

Silent Heroes Award is the flagship event of CAS. It’s an initiative to inspire more Singaporeans to think and do good thus contributing to a more gracious society.